MY LOCK doesn't power on after taking it out of the box

LINKA batteries can arrive in various charge levels. Please plug in your LINKA device and watch for a solid red LED and a start up tone. Charge overnight and the LED indicator will turn green when fully charged.


My lock suddenly disconnected from my phone while I was right next to it.

Not to worry! Your LINKA has a sophisticated battery management system to save as much charge as possible. Simply tap power button once to auto-reconnect.

When I approach my bike, it doesn’t unlock when I double-press the power button.

The lock has entered sleep mode. To wake up, simply tap the power button to auto-reconnect. 

Once reconnected, double-press the power button to unlock normally.

I activated auto-unlocking but when I approached my bike it didn’t unlock.

For security reasons, auto-unlocking will activate after your phone is back in range from being out of range and your LINKA is still awake. To test this, activate your out of range and back in range alerts under Notifications and walk away until you receive an out of range notification then walk back to your device.