main features

Auto Unlocking
We all know how frustrating it can be lock and unlock your bike when you need to just stop in for a quick second. Many of us even leave our bikes completely unlocked! With LINKA's revolutionary Auto-Unlock feature, you no longer have to pull out your keys or a bulky lock from your bag. As you approach your bike, LINKA will recognize you and unlock automatically. Not only is this perfect for when you got your hands full, it's also convenient to you up and going quicker than ever.

Built-in Siren
Bikes are stolen in broad day light now and thieves have become annoyingly bold. We gave LINKA a screeching 100 dB siren to ensure all eyes are on preying thieves before they ever get away with your prized steed. With our sophisticated triple-axis accelerometer, we've reduced the chances of false alarms by capturing the methods and movements of thieves compared to someone bumping your bike by accident.

Theft Indicator Map
Now you don't have to worry about WHERE you lock up. Once you lock up your bike, we'll instantly alert you if the neighborhood isn't safe for your bike. We'll even recommend a better place to park! This feature will be available in the U.S. in mid 2016. New markets to come

Phone-less Access
No phone? No problem. Simply enter your customized 4-digit phoneless access code on LINKA and ride away.

Weighing in at less than 700 grams (1.6 lbs), LINKA won't be holding you back from those long fun rides across town.


Tamper Alerts
We can think of very few feelings worse than having a great night hanging with friends only to come out and find your bike gone! We feel your pain and realize looking outside every once in a while checking "Is my bike still there?" will only take away from your valuable time. Our accelerometer can also trigger a notification to your smart phone letting you know your bike is in danger. We all know bluetooth range is way too short for cycling and how will that help? Well, we're introducing long range bluetooth 4.0 with a range of up to 400 feet for your peace of mind! Don't worry, if you get out of range, we'll also let you know.

LINKA also was designed to fit most bikes. Whether you’re on a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid or even a dutch cruiser, chances are it's compatible. Check out our simple 3-step fitting guide.

Long Battery Life
LINKA draws such little power that its powerful battery will last around 9 months on one charge. Just charge it when the app reminds you and you're set.

Recognized Locking
LINKA allows you to lock up with a simple press of a button. No longer will you be looking for your keys or fiddling around to get the tightest fitting lock up job. LINKA locks the same way every time ensuring your bike is immobilized and no one can ride it away.



Q1 - What happens if my phone battery dies?
A1 - No worries! Just enter a 4-digit phoneless access code directly onto the LINKA power button so you're not stranded.

Q2 - How strong is the lock?
A2 - The locking ring on LINKA is very powerful. The shackle is made of through-hardened steel and has a square cross-section making it really difficult to cut through.

Q3 - How long does the battery on LINKA last?
A3 - We designed LINKA with optimal low-power consumption. With normal use, we expect LINKA to last 9 months before you'll need a charge. We'll also remind you when it's time.

Q4 - How does LINKA communicate with my phone?
A4 - We've been working with some excellent vendors to develop long-range bluetooth modules that allow LINKA to communicate with your phone up to 400 feet (1 city block)!

Q5 - How is LINKA installed?
A5 - LINKA is hard-mounted to the seat stays of your bike. Check out our simple 3 step fitting guide to confirm compatibility.

Q6 - What happens if LINKA's battery die and my bike is still locked?
A6 - We'll give you ample warning when your battery gets low. If it's still not charged, LINKA will not lock below 5% charge to ensure you don't get stranded.

Q7 - I live in a very active neighborhood, wouldn't LINKA's siren be false-triggered all the time like car alarms?
A7 - With a highly sophisticated accelerometer, we developed brains behind the siren to identify the difference between someone locking up their bike next to yours and a potential thief.